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Petr Kulhavy brain at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Sat May 18 03:59:16 PDT 2002

On 18 May 2002, clemensF wrote:

> > Petr Kulhavy:
> > What do you mean with "real javascript" ?
> i mean "real" versus "simulated", as in greping a page for javascripts
> window.open() calls and rewriting the current URL accordingly.  this is
> what one can do in lynx.  on the other hand, i see that in links.current
> there are files named "javascr[ipt]" of considerable size containing java
> related grammar.

Links-current contains  lexical and syntactic parser and javascript
interpreter. So it has "real" javascript according to your categories.

> now i'm wondering:  does links' javascript implement the document model
> completely?  what are the current limitations?

It depends on which document model do you mean. We have implemented
document model of the Javascript 1.1 standard by Netscape Corporation.
Several nonimportant things are missing, several things have been added

There's no Universal Javascript Standard(TM) with Universal Grammar and
Universal Document Object Model. There is plenty of "standards" and
implementations that are incompatible and it's hard to find even some
piece of paper with grammar and document object model. And because
javascript on web pages is very ugly (authors probably don't know there is
ANY grammar), it's hard to write javascript that will work on all pages.

So we are using Netscape Javascript 1.1 standard, because that was only
grammar we found when we started javascript programming. About year after
we found Javascript 1.3 by Netscape, but it was too late at that moment.

Our implementation is a bit extended (we have added several frequently
used constructions (like associative field, function call in member

> there is a reason for me beeing nosy:  i'd need http://office.freenet.de to
> work, but it is heavily javascript-mutilated.  Jonas Fonseca showed me the
> trick to navigate thru such sites by scanning the source for the
> window.open() function, and it really got me much further.  but real
> javascript does much more of the many things i'll never need myself (but am
> forced to use).

Tell me, what exactly is wrong with viewing that pages with links-current.


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