[links-list] Re: links, frambebuffer & gpm

Petr Kulhavy brain at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Sun May 19 07:38:35 PDT 2002

On Sun, 19 May 2002, Wiktor Grebla wrote:

> Hi,
> When I start links -g on my framebuffer (radeonfb) mouse do not work
> properly, i can move a cursor, but it's the gpm cursor, not the
> _big one_ (links's one).
> I'm running gpm this way:
> gpm -m /dev/mouse -t imps2 -d 3

Maybe try add -R option.

Which version of gpm do you have?

> Another thing, links on fb is only usable when i use 8-bit color mode,
> 15, 16 bit colors look strange, but i think it may be a problem with
> radeonfb, which started to work in 2.4.19-pre2 with a Peter Horton
> patch from kernel list :(

24bit mode works too.

I was writing framebuffer driver on ATI128 fb and encountered the same
problem. I haven't found _ANY COMPLETE_ fb api description and that's why
it looks as it looks. There's a problem with palette setting. The mode is
DIRECTCOLOR and has some strange palette (16+1 colors). I haven't found
_ANY SPECIFICATION_ how to set the palette. I'm setting it the way I think
it should work and I reverse engineered it in kernel sources (and works on
24 bit modes), but it doesn't work on 15/16 bit depth --- when I change
the values in the palette, whole picture changes it's color --- ALL COLORS
change and not only lowest 16 colors. And that's strange I think this
shouldn't happen. IMHO that's a bug in the kernel (if you don't think so,
tell me how can I change all 64K colors when I set wrong 16 color

If you give me documentation how to set palette on fb I can fix it.


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