[links-list] links-current not connecting... update

cris at cmb2000.it cris at cmb2000.it
Mon May 20 07:30:00 PDT 2002

Hi Mikulas,
regarding my previous post (sorry for the dups.. it is this damn web-mail system...) I did some tests. No release (even very old) of Links can connect to external sites anymore, apart recent ELinks releases (not tried with older ones). It is now clear that they changed something with the proxy here at work (it is an M$ proxy), that breaks almost anything. Even Privoxy (the latest incarnation of JunkBuster) is unable to forward to our proxy... it worked a few days ago.
The only thing that connects to external sites is ELinks and Mozilla.
So, pasky, what changes from Links to ELinks that makes ELinks connect?
Is there some way I can debug the connection in Links or ELinks (without recompiling the whole thing with debug info and fireing up a debugger)??



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