[links-list] Bugs/problems with links-current

Cliff Cunnington cliff at ccnet.demon.nl
Mon May 20 16:41:37 PDT 2002

Petr.K, Karel, Martin and Mikulas:

Thanks for ... 
    - the great gfx: no more zgv'ing;
    - the JS: no more `eye-grepping' to figure out a J:URL;
    - a great experience: graphics browsing with and *without* X.

1. What happened to -dump (in default text mode)?

2. file://*.png does not display when browsing local directory. (JPEGs, GIFs
   work fine, as does http://*.png)

3. Javascript at FT.com: When browsing http://www.ft.com, a script in
   *every page* tries to redirect to a page suggesting get IE4+/NN4+.

    <script language="JavaScript">

    // Checking what platform is being used (mac os, windows, etc)
    var vers = parseInt(navigator.appVersion);
    var agt = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();

    if ( vers < 4 ) {
	location.href = "http://globalelements.ft.com/global/version3/";

    [end snip]

   It's annoying having to "reject"/"kill script" each time a new page
   is loaded. Setting fake_useragent doesn't help. Suggestions?

4. Rebindable keys are broken(?!), i.e. the following lines in my user.cfg:

    bind main t toggle-display-tables
    bind main Ctrl-G goto-url-current-link


    Unknown option in config file /home/cliff/.links/user.cfg, line 11
    Unknown option in config file /home/cliff/.links/user.cfg, line 12

  HINT: If rebindable keys are fixed, it would be nice to be able to toggle
  Javascript on/off, (eg. like problem 4):

    bind main j toggle-enable-javascript

5. Minor graphics gripe: text following an inline image wraps to the next line. For example, 
    <img src="letterL.gif" alt="L">inks now has a graphics mode.

In text mode displays as: 
Links now has a graphics mode.  

In graphics mode displays as: 
inks now has a graphics mode.


6. Keystroke "Q" doesn't exit _without_ warning.


7. Query: Why doesn't links -g display font colors as specified in the source?
   (I've colour-coded the links in my $WWW_HOME page, but only a few show
   up. They all show up in text mode.)

   (Stupid) example: 

    <body bgcolor="white" text="white">
    <p>Invisible text</p>

    ... displays black text on white bg.


8. Future development: links -g using user-defined X-fonts?


9. Will these Q(&A)s appear in BUGS, TODO, FAQ ;-)



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