[links-list] Re: lynx vs. links vs. elinks?

Martin Pergel mper7437 at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Wed May 22 09:13:55 PDT 2002


On 22 May 2002, clemensF wrote:

> i would love a textbrowser having SSL, javascript and lua and graphics,
> 100% compatible to all those sites i must browse to.

     javascript interpret contains devil-inside-techology (few months ago
in ipret.c there was #warning Devil inside! B;-) ). To make browser that
you describe is highly non-trivial, because each browser has other
interpret with other features. Now document object model in javascript
looks like it looks, contains a lot of things I didn't want to implement,
the authors of web-pages patiently look for as obscure options of their
prefered browser as possible. B-(

     E. g. now there is a checkbox whether you want to resolve objects of
document in global addr-space or not (I found some pages which require it
and at least one which doesn't work with it). To make interpret 100%
compatible with all pages around world is almost impossible, because when
I myself try to decode some scripts which make my interpret crash, my
brain sometimes reels and it's clear that it would be necessary to make a
lot of such checkboxes to hold javascript grammar interpretable.

     At least javascript interpret won't be compatible with at least such
pages whose authors don't want it and it seems to be a lot of such authors
round the world. B-(

     Have a nice day


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