[links-list] Re: UTF-8 terminal I/O recoding patch for links-2.0pre1 + notes

Petr Kulhavy brain at artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Thu May 23 00:05:20 PDT 2002

On Thu, 23 May 2002, BC Sittler wrote:

> I also played around a bit with the UTF-8 support in this newest Links
> version, and noticed some bizarre stuff. For instance, some of the
> Japanese hiragana and katakana characters are mysteriously missing
> (hiragana ri, katakana a, katakana ka, etc.) when all surrounding
> characters [including similar ones like katakana small a and katakana
> ga) are present. Also some of the Latin-1 characters are mysteriously
> absent, for instance there's a masculine ordinal indicator but no
> feminine ordinal indicator, and all the vulgar fractions are missing.
> Was this intentional, an oversight, or just a problem of not having an
> appropriate source font? In the last case, you might consider using
> Unifont bitmaps as a low-resolution fallback font:

Yes, we found fonts with only this characters,  so some characters are

> http://dvdeug.dhis.org/unifont.html
> This covers a large portion of Unicode.
> And finally, I found the "splat" for missing characters somewhat amusing :)

That's nothing. There were times when missing characters were displayed as
scull ;-)


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