[links-list] Links and Elinks on Cygwin

Frédéric L. W. Meunier lists at pervalidus.net
Thu May 23 10:23:03 PDT 2002

Just to report that I succesfully compiled Links 2.0pre2 and
Elinks 0.4pre{6,7} with latest Cygwin on Windows XP
Professional (NTFS). No changes required.


--enable-javascript --with-ssl --without-libjpeg
--without-libtiff --without-x --without-fb --without-pmshell --without-atheos


--without-zlib --without-bzlib --without-lua --disable-ipv6
--disable-bookmarks --disable-globhist

I know both are unsupported by the authors, but let me report
some problems.

1- Accentuation worked with Elinks 0.4pre6 but with 0.4pre7 and
Links 2.0pre2 I get strange characters on input. Output is OK.

2- I just compiled Links 2.0pre2, so let me test it, but Elinks
sometimes crashes, and worse, can be unkillable (happened
once), what makes Windows not shutdown properly. I don't know
if it's Cygwin or Elinks fault, but when it crashes I get a
stackdump with ACCESS_VIOLATION and lots of numbers.

Lynx 2.8.5dev.7 also compiled and only crashed with a certain

Anyway, I'm a Linux user but like to use the applications on
both systems.

Tel: +55 (21) 2717-2399 ICQ: 156552241

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