[links-list] Re: UTF-8 terminal I/O recoding patch for links-2.0pre1+notes

BC Sittler bsittler at iname.com
Thu May 23 13:10:08 PDT 2002

Right, I suggested using the bitmaps (scaled up appropriately) only for characters where no better glyph can be found.

Do check out these links for lots of Unicode coverage in scalable fonts:




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On Fri, 24 May 2002, BC Sittler wrote:

> Not that I'm aware of, but do see:
> http://www.freesoftware.fsf.org/freefont/
> The Unifont is just bitmaps in Roman's custom ".hex" format. Basically
> the bitmaps come in two flavors: 8x16 and 16x16. It's a "bi-width"

That's too small! Links uses fonts of about 100 pixels height.


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