[links-list] Links 2.0-pre-whatever and 8-bit displays

Brian Mastenbrook chandler at acm.roosevelt.edu
Fri May 24 08:50:48 PDT 2002

I'd like to congratulate the Twibright Labs folks on the graphics support 
in Links 2.0-pre. It seems to work great for me on 24-bit X displays; 
however, on the 8-bit display on this here Sun it causes massive 
colormapping. Running 'xcolor' and observing the window while links is run 
seems to show that links installs a grossly redunant color map and then 
can't even display its own default background color properly.

I'm not an X hacker but I wonder why links can't display comfortably in
the 176 colors free in my colormap after OpenStep/Solaris is up and
running. (In fact, a good-looking dithering should be possible while
taking only another 64 of those colors, leaving the rest for emacs.)

Is it possible to correct links' colormap handling so I have a fast 
browser for my poor Sparcstation?

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