[links-list] Re: Links 2.0-pre-whatever and 8-bit displays

Brian Mastenbrook chandler at acm.roosevelt.edu
Fri May 24 10:09:12 PDT 2002

On Fri, 24 May 2002, Petr Kulhavy wrote:

> Links should install it's private colormap so when you focus links window
> the colormap should be changed to the links one (and all other windows
> should look ehm "interesting"), when you leave the links window, "normal"
> X colormap is installed back.

Yes, links does install its own colormap, but even with that installed the
background color of the links window shows up red. The Solaris X server is
quite finnicky and maybe XFree is simply hiding your problem.

> At least links worked this way on 8-bit displays I could test.
> We are using private colormap, because we need 343 color cube for
> dithering.

If 8-bit only provides 256 colors how do you get 343?

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