[links-list] Re: Links 2.0-pre-whatever and 8-bit displays

Brian Mastenbrook chandler at acm.roosevelt.edu
Sat May 25 07:54:29 PDT 2002

> On Fri, 24 May 2002, Brian Mastenbrook wrote:
> > If there was an endianness issue it wasn't this. 2.0pre3 still shows the
> > background #FF0000 bright red.
> Can you describe the bug more precisely?

I'd be happy to. The background of the links window on startup is supposed 
to be some kind of a gray-ish color as seen on my 24-bit display. On 
Solaris, it shows up bright red even when it is the active window.

> 1) machine you're running links on

SparcStation 20 (50mhz, 160mb mem, 2GB hd)

> 2) OS

Solaris 8 (2.8 aka SunOS 5.5.8)

> 3) type and  version of Xserver you're running links on

XSun, comes with Solaris 8, card is cgsix in an sbus slot (not onboard 
video). Display is 1152x900 at 8-bit PsuedoColor.

> 4) endianity of machine links is running on


> 5) endianity of the X display


> 6) what should be color of background

The default links background on startup

> 7) is just background wrong or something else?

Background of menus come through red as well.

> 8) are other colors (in menu)  displayed correctly?


> 9) are bitmaps displayed correctly?


> > Perhaps for people on 8-bit displays there should be a seperate backend to
> > a layer that does dithering itself like GDK or DPS?
> Why?

Because then it can co-exist with other applications, particularly DPS 
ones for users on OpenStep/solaris and GNUStep desktops.

What I don't understand is if links is using a 323 colorspace why it can't 
co-exist with my other applications, which only use 70-some entries in my 
colormap (leaving 180-some for links).

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