[links-list] C-r does not refetch images?

Joost Kremers j.kremers at let.kun.nl
Tue May 28 14:47:45 PDT 2002

hi list,

i'm using elinks 0.30 and although i love it, i have noticed something
that is mildly annoying.

there is this cartoon that i read daily (url is <http://fs.nrc.nl>.)
the file that contains the image of the cartoon is called
`vandaag.gif'. (this means "today.gif" in dutch ;-) this filename
doesn't change, but the file itself does: the image is updated every
day around 4pm.

i noticed that when i visit the page after having visited the page the
day before, the new image isn't loaded. i don't quit links in the mean
time (i have a laptop that i simply put in suspend mode when i don't
use it) so i assume this is because it is still in cache. the annoying
thing is that for some reason, it does not help to reload the page
from the server. pressing C-r updates the page, but does *not* update
the image `vandaag.gif'. the only way to get the new image is to go to
another page, empty the cache and then revisit the page.

is this a feature (i.e. C-r does not refetch images that do not seem
to have changed) or should it be considered a bug? if it is a feature,
can it be disabled? if it is a bug, has it been fixed in other
versions of (e)links?


Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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