[links-list] Re: C-r does not refetch images?

Petr Baudis pasky at pasky.ji.cz
Tue May 28 23:34:53 PDT 2002

Dear diary, on Tue, May 28, 2002 at 11:47:45PM CEST, I got a letter,
where Joost Kremers <j.kremers at let.kun.nl> told me, that...
> hi list,


> i'm using elinks 0.30 and although i love it, i have noticed something
> that is mildly annoying.
> there is this cartoon that i read daily (url is <http://fs.nrc.nl>.)
> the file that contains the image of the cartoon is called
> `vandaag.gif'. (this means "today.gif" in dutch ;-) this filename
> doesn't change, but the file itself does: the image is updated every
> day around 4pm.
> i noticed that when i visit the page after having visited the page the
> day before, the new image isn't loaded. i don't quit links in the mean
> time (i have a laptop that i simply put in suspend mode when i don't
> use it) so i assume this is because it is still in cache. the annoying
> thing is that for some reason, it does not help to reload the page
> from the server. pressing C-r updates the page, but does *not* update
> the image `vandaag.gif'. the only way to get the new image is to go to
> another page, empty the cache and then revisit the page.

Yes, this is a bit annoying side of the fact, that (E)Links has very aggressive
caching policy, that means caching everything what is possible, which I
consider as likable behaviour otherwise (altough it should be possible to
disable it optionally; however one would have to write a lot of code for it ;).
Just to help with that behaviour on some pages which don't consider it so
likable, I introduced action for following link AND reloading the target
simultanously; I guess I can do the same for images. It will appear in the
0.4pre though and it will take some time yet.

This behaviour can be worked around, though. The trick is to choose Display
when ELinks asks you what to do with the image, then press ^R, go back and
choose open.

> is this a feature (i.e. C-r does not refetch images that do not seem
> to have changed) or should it be considered a bug? if it is a feature,
> can it be disabled? if it is a bug, has it been fixed in other
> versions of (e)links?

Well, C-r just refetches current document, nothing else. From the perspective
of ELinks, linked images are separate objects which have nothing in common with
the document. This will change with the graphics support, however that's again
going to take some time yet, and this concept will be only in graphic mode then

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