[links-list] Re: C-r does not refetch images?

Joost Kremers j.kremers at let.kun.nl
Wed May 29 04:35:56 PDT 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 08:34:53AM +0200, Petr Baudis wrote:
[image not reloaded with C-r] 
> Yes, this is a bit annoying side of the fact, that (E)Links has very aggressive
> caching policy, that means caching everything what is possible, which I
> consider as likable behaviour otherwise

yes, i think it's good behaviour too.

> Just to help with that behaviour on some pages which don't consider it so
> likable, I introduced action for following link AND reloading the target
> simultanously; I guess I can do the same for images. It will appear in the
> 0.4pre though and it will take some time yet.

well, it's good to know you're aware of the problem and are thinking of a solution.
> This behaviour can be worked around, though. The trick is to choose Display
> when ELinks asks you what to do with the image, then press ^R, go back and
> choose open.

mmm... i guess i'd have to reconfigure some things for this. right now
i have elinks open images without asking. i think i will stick with
the empty-cache option for now. or simply read the cartoon at work,
where i have a computer that i do boot every day. (only once a day,
though, unlike some of my windows-using co-workers... ;-)
> > is this a feature (i.e. C-r does not refetch images that do not seem
> > to have changed) or should it be considered a bug? if it is a feature,
> > can it be disabled? if it is a bug, has it been fixed in other
> > versions of (e)links?
> Well, C-r just refetches current document, nothing else. From the perspective
> of ELinks, linked images are separate objects which have nothing in common with
> the document. This will change with the graphics support, however that's again
> going to take some time yet, and this concept will be only in graphic mode then
> anyway.

which is probably not how i'll run elinks. at least, not most of the

thanks for your reply.

Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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