[links-list] question about authorizations (username and password) with links-2.0pre

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at chartermi.net
Thu May 30 12:44:40 PDT 2002

I use a website where computer files of braille books can be downloaded. In
order to download the books, one has to have a username and password. when i use
this site in lynx, when I go to download my first book file, the authorizatio is
needed and I have to enter username and password; then I am allowed to download.
However, when I try this with links, I am told that my browser doesn't
understand how to supply the credentials required. Actually, I don't get that
information on screen; links acts like it is going to download the file and
when i save it it turns out to actually have the html with this explanation.

remember a few days
ago something on the list about "auth" not working. Is this the same as the
problem I am having, and is there at this point anyway to provide such
authorizations in links?



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