Status of the dm branch

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Mon Dec 5 06:38:05 PST 2005


on IRC, it has been decided that the dm branch should not be merged now:

(09:09:24) patrakov: what should be done with dm?
(09:42:07) quadrata: well, nothing for now
(09:42:25) quadrata: I like having it in reserve in case we absolutely 
need it
(09:42:47) quadrata: at the same time, for now, I'd rather use the 
version of unionfs in trunk than switch to dm

The dm branch was in fact ready (stable) at r1040, and only two fixes 
went in later. The rest of commits after r1040 were just merges from 
trunk. Unneeded differences began to accumulate between this branch and 
trunk, and the important difference in doc/README was lost somehow. I 
fixed this in r1219-r1225. The resulting diff is available at:

The question is: should we maintain the dm branch any further, with the 
risk of acquiring other unneeded differences? An alternative is to 
declare this branch as dead, and apply that patch (containing no junk 
differences) if/when the need to replace unionfs with dm really shows up.

One more wish: please aviod such "forgotten" feature branches in the 
future. IMHO, once the feature is ready for merging, the branch should 
become dead. "svn diff" between the branch creation time and its death 
usually contains a good patch against the trunk then.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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