Install LFS from LiveCD Hint

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Dec 6 15:50:29 PST 2005

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 02:06:31PM -0800, Peter Ennis wrote:
> Using the FBBG principle, after compiling binutils
> with user lfs in /home/lfs, then get a lockup,
> then reboot, I find the binutils dir gone, but
> it is required to be kept around. 

If you were strictly adhering to the FBBG principle, you would
definitely have a /mnt/lfs directory and a /mnt/lfs/sources and
/mnt/lfs/tools dir too. All compiling would be done in /mnt/lfs/sources.
So when/if you reboot the LiveCD the only thing that would be lost is
the lfs user and his home directory. (Also any mounts that you may have
had for the chroot environment but that's no different than working with
an installed system.)
> I would like to see an "approved" solution
> added in the README, along with an "approved"
> hint that is also available with the README
> on the livecd.

Quite honestly, the makers of the LiveCD see no real need for such a
hint. We make the CD specifically to be able to follow LFS by-the-book.
There is nothing major that needs to be done differently. There are one
or two small caveats as we've discussed (the possible disappearance of
the lfs user - the definite need to make sure you're working on a
mounted hd partition somewhere...) but most of it is stuff for the CD
README and stuff that common sense should tell you, and that if you
strictly FBBG, you'll never encounter.

> It reflects badly on the project to provide
> a hint and have it referred to as "bad advice"
> on the support list.

LFS doesn't 'provide' the hints. LFS provides the hints project, which
is a repository of freely submitted documents. There's a big difference
in that. LFS isn't responsible for the advice suggested in the hints.


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