Install LFS from LiveCD Hint

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Tue Dec 6 17:17:14 PST 2005

Peter Ennis wrote:

>I am using livecd 6.1.1-1 = Nice work :)

>Below is a comment from LFS support
>(using gmane: when is livecd available on gmane?)
>about "bad advice" for the install-lfs-from-livecd hint.
Yeah, the hint wasn't written by us (LiveCD developers), so whatever the 
author thought was a good idea was put in there.  Just like googling for 
advice, you need to be careful what other people suggest since it might 
do more harm than good.

>1. No clarification is made for what advice is
>bad, so it does not help the hint get better.
I think the original thread stated it.  Mostly that creating the lfs 
user is a "good idea".  I haven't read the hint to tell you anything 
else.  There really isn't a need for such a hint though, as using the 
LiveCD is like using most normal hosts.

>2. The issue of having to recreate the environment
>is a problem that could do with an "approved" approach.
Just don't restart!  ;)  Or do what I do, start the sshd server, set a 
root pw, and the box can sit in the corner without keyboard, mouse and 
monitor for a week while you do it on your main system.

>3. I have a gateway with PS2 keyboard and mouse
>connected via USB/PS2 adapter and the mouse/keyboard
>lock up randomly. The machine has nothing on it
>and its purpose is to build from scratch using
>the livecd.
Sounds like a hardware problem to me.  Have you done heavy compiling on 
the system before?  Maybe it has some dust or bad fans?

>Using the FBBG principle, after compiling binutils
>with user lfs in /home/lfs, then get a lockup,
>then reboot, I find the binutils dir gone, but
>it is required to be kept around.
Are you mounting your hard disk to /home/lfs?  It sounds like you are 
building it in the LiveCD environment, meaning in memory.  That won't 
work.  Mount a hdd somewhere and install on it!

>Following the hint there would be no lfs user,
>and compiling takes place in /mnt/lfs so nothing
>is lost on reboot.
The lfs user may be optional in some peoples opinion, but building in 
/mnt/lfs and more importantly on a hard disk and not memory is required!

>I would like to see an "approved" solution
>added in the README, along with an "approved"
>hint that is also available with the README
>on the livecd.
There isn't the need for one still in my opinion.  You boot the CD, you 
partition/format/mount your hdd to /mnt/lfs and start the LFS book.  
There is normally nothing more to do.

>It reflects badly on the project to provide
>a hint and have it referred to as "bad advice"
>on the support list.
Like I said before, we don't provide it, and you won't find it on the 
LiveCD or referenced anywhere as far as I know.


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