Install LFS from LiveCD Hint

Roger Merchberger zmerch at
Wed Dec 7 08:03:08 PST 2005

Rumor has it that Peter Ennis may have mentioned these words:

>3. I have a gateway with PS2 keyboard and mouse
>connected via USB/PS2 adapter and the mouse/keyboard
>lock up randomly.

Get rid of the USB->PS/2 adapter. Most of them that I've ever seen don't 
work well in the best of situations, and cause unhappyness and headaches 
when actually relying on the computer to function.

Spring for a standard USB keyboard & mouse, or control the computer from a 
network connection and SSH into the LFS machine.

>Using the FBBG principle, after compiling binutils
>with user lfs in /home/lfs,

Did you mount /home/lfs to an actual hard drive or other storage medium? If 
not, the ramdisk that the LFS LiveCD runs from is not exactly what you'd 
call "expansive" and will quickly fill.

WRT your mention of FBBG, you'd want to mount the actual LFS build 
directory in /mnt/lfs and remap the 'lfs' user's home directory to that place.

>I would like to see an "approved" solution
>added in the README, along with an "approved"
>hint that is also available with the README
>on the livecd.

Isn't the book on the LiveCD? The only "approved" solution would be 
following the book, would it not? ;-)

>It reflects badly on the project to provide
>a hint and have it referred to as "bad advice"
>on the support list.

The "project" didn't provide the hint; hints are written by individuals who 
don't maintain the project; sometimes those individuals write bad advice 
and it's good when the maintainers step up and let you know it may be bad 

Want bad advice? I've got eight million 5 hundred thousand ($8,5M) in a 
Nigerian bank that needs to be disbursed because my wife's half-uncles 
stepbrother worked on oil fields importing cocoa beans and got assassinated 
in his car during a plane crash... ;-)

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