Install LFS from LiveCD Hint

Peter Ennis peterennis at
Wed Dec 7 13:38:38 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> If you were strictly adhering to the FBBG principle, you would
> definitely have a /mnt/lfs directory and a /mnt/lfs/sources and
> /mnt/lfs/tools dir too. All compiling would be done
> in /mnt/lfs/sources.
> So when/if you reboot the LiveCD the only thing that would be
> lost is the lfs user and his home directory.  

I have /mnt/lfs, /mnt/lfs/tools and /mnt/lfs/sources
I stand corrected and found buried in the text:

3.1. Introduction

$LFS/sources can be used both as the place to
store the tarballs and patches and as a
working directory.


Perhaps repeating/emphasizing the sentence above in the README ?

> There are one
> or two small caveats as we've discussed (the possible
     ^^^ three :)
> disappearance of
> the lfs user - the definite need to make sure you're working on
> a mounted hd partition somewhere...) but most of it is stuff 
> for the CD README
> and stuff that common sense should tell you, and that if
> you strictly FBBG, you'll never encounter.

> LFS isn't responsible for the advice suggested in the hints.

But you do not want to promote "Bad Advice".



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