r1270 - in tags: . 6.1.1-2

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Dec 11 11:12:55 PST 2005

Justin R. Knierim wrote:

> And while I am sending this email, I got a question.  When I tag a 
> release, I do `svn cp branches/6.1.1-newmake tags/6.1.1-2`.  But it 
> never copies cleanly, meaning I would expect just one line in the commit 
> email along the lines of (Copied tags/6.1.1-2 from 
> branches/6.1.1-newmake) but instead it copies most and then adds/deletes 
> junk like above separately.
> So what I am doing wrong?  ;)  I don't have any outstanding commits.  Hmm.
> Justin

It sounds like your doing the svn cp and then an svn ci. That's not 
quite right. You can do it that way, but I wouldn't recommend it.

A more correct approach is this:
svn cp svn+ssh://svn.lfs.org/livecd/branches/6.1.1-newmake 
svn+ssh://svn.lfs.org/livecd/tags/6.1.1-2 -m "Tagged 6.1.1-2"

That will give you the Copied tags/6.1.1-2 from branches/6.1.1-newmake
type message.


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