GCC-3.4.3 test errors (seg faults)

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Mon Dec 12 19:05:53 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

>Thank you Justin. Sorry for such a strong reaction. I guess I was a
>little annoyed because this was the type of thing I was hoping to avoid
>by just using the old scripts and adding the necessary changes...
IMO, with the old scripts we wouldn't have been any better off.  Trying 
to add packages, patches, etc to the old Makefiles is so much more ugly 
and complex than the new Makefiles.  Also IMO, new releases of the 
LiveCD are a given, as LiveCD depends on so many external elements like 
the ftp packages repo, nALFS, now jhalfs and of course LFS.  We would 
have needed a 6.1.1-2 release with the old makefiles also.  Changes 
happen....new releases are required.  I got chewed out enough in 
#lfs-support for not releaseing a 6.1-4 LiveCD since it contained a lot 
of bugs also, including not being able to build nALFS with the included 

BTW, I have moved the 6.1-* and 6.1.1-1 LiveCD's to an "old" directory 
on the ftp mirrors, so hopefully no one will download them thinking it 
is the latest.  If there are any others (like ppc since I don't know 
them well) that should be moved also, let me know.

>Anyway, no real harm done, and as usual, you already had the problem
>under control.
Yes, and I am more confident about 6.1.1-2.  I employed a team of 
volunteer testers on the list and in #lfs-support who tested the beta 
versions of 6.1.1-2 with me, and helped immensly with finding new bugs.  
So, we should be back in business.  The 6.1.1-2 release is out and has 
been announced.


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