Bothersome X in First Use of LiveCD

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Wed Dec 21 16:27:47 PST 2005

After a successful build of LFS on my PC using Mandrake as the host 
system, I decided to use the LiveCD to build on my laptop.

I have a situation that probably is just me since I found nothing 
helpful in the archives or with Google.

The best way I can explain the symptom is that in xfce the refresh 
rate--and I don't know whether that's the right term or not--on xterm is 
agonizingly slow, and sometimes it doesn't redraw at all.  This occurs 
when I have either firefox or lynx running with the LFS book.  After 
reading something in the book, when I re-focus the xterm, there is no 
foreground or a series of straight white lines with no cursor.  
Sometimes X freezes and will not even respond to CTRL-ALT-Backspace and 
I have to use the power button.  I do not have these problems with twm.

I boot with the following command:

linux vga=792 TZ=America/Chicago LANG=en_US.ISO-8859-1 KEYMAP=us

I am using a Compaq Pressario with an AMD Athlon XP 2200+, ATI Radeon 
IGP320/M, 750M RAM and 750M swap.  I also generated an 
using the BLFS book and copied it into /etc/X11.  When I do that xfce 
does not completely load.  It hangs at the white screen with a little 
watch as the cursor--this is when I have to use "the button."  I do not 
have this problem in twm.  However, the main screen for twm is the black 
and white lines with an 'X' for the cursor.

I've looked through the directory tree to find where xfce is loaded when 
I issue 'startx' from default settings, but I can't find it.  My guts 
tell me that there is some resource that I need to tweak, but I don't 
know where to find the files.  I've looked through /usr/X11R6 and 
/etc/X11R6 to see if I could find something that would help.  I've not 
been able to solve anything by following the files all the X man pages 

Using twm the build is going great.  I'm just having problems with 
xfce.  When something like this happens, even though I have a 
workaround, I like to solve it.


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