reiser4fs support on LiveCD

Michael Chrostowski soks86 at
Wed Dec 28 22:13:18 PST 2005

Oh, dear, sorry it's late I know it's a module (figured that out about
an hour after I gave up because I couldn't mount)... and I guess
including the source is pointless since people could mod their CD's to
add reiser... I'll go do that now...

Great work with the CD. Makes life easy, no more installing Slack first.

On 12/28/05, Michael Chrostowski <soks86 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> So I just learned LFS has LiveCD and I'm back after a bad time with
> Ubuntu and some other distros (although my old svn server is still
> LFS).
> However I saw that the LiveCD comes with reiser[4]progs to make
> partitions and everything however it does not come with the sources to
> create these programs on your own system nor does it come with reiser
> support in the kernel. The kernel part being the larger issue and
> something that I almost submitted to bugzilla before I noticed there
> was a list.
> I guess that's my only issue... is the exclusion of this from the
> LiveCD... it just seems pretty important to support more than just
> ext2 without having to mod the CD.
> I hope this isn't in violation of the LFS ideals but I think FS types
> are pretty important anyways, otherwise you guys wouldn't have
> included the reiser progs.
> Thanks a lot for the CD, hope it gets even better.
> Honestly it runs better on my laptop than Live Suse 10... and that's
> meant for actual use. Not to mention all these new distros don't even
> install GCC in sensible places... oh linux.. what has happened.
> - Michael Chrostowski

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