livecd Digest, Vol 292, Issue 1

Martin McCourt mmccourt at
Fri Dec 30 10:34:32 PST 2005

Hi all (and thanks for the replies!),

> (there should be a thread titled 'Old Systems', starting in
> February 2005). I found using 'nolapic' as a kernel paramater to 
> work around my problem. Perhaps that'll help you too :-)

No luck.  I tried so many things now that I can't remember them all 
now :).  I tried nolapic, offb, and ofonly kernel parameters.  I 
don't think it's the CD as I've verified the MD5 sum, and burned 2 
copies of it now; neither works on the server, but they both work on 
my PC.

> it's definitly not the cpu. which chipset do you use? the (very
> common) ali-chipsets have endless problems with nearly everything.

It's a SiS chipset.  The machine is actually an old IBM Aptiva.  
Perhaps it's just too old to work with 2.6?  So unless there is some 
little thing that anyone can think of, I suppose i'll have to invest 
in some new hardware :).


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