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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 30 04:39:57 PST 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Welcome back!

Thanks. :)

>> -stop-here:
> This was a convenient debugging feature :)

Yeah, sorry, I can put it back. Still, I can get essentially the same 
functionality by using a non-existent target somewhere, like 'stop'.

> Note that GRUB isn't here, so it isn't necessarily downloaded when you 
> try to render the LFS book.

Yeah, I meant to put GRUB back in to the main build order in the spirit 
of 'sticking closely to LFS', but forgot. Will put it in on the next commit.

>> -PATCH50= $(DIR)-supported_locales-1.patch
> Then please adjust the console configurator - it mentioned at least one 
> of the newly-added locales.

Alright, noted. Also, are any of these changes that did exist in the CD 
suitable for LFS? I'd be happy to keep functionality you obviously 
worked hard to introduce to the CD if we can get the changes pushed 
upstream, or at least such that the book allows for this sort of deviation.

> This is the only thing that guaranteed that GRUB is downloaded before 
> the book is rendered. I think that it should be put back. Or, GRUB 
> should be moved to the place where it belongs in the book.

Right. Putting GRUB back into the normal build order.

>> -BELARUSIAN_FILE= belarusian-0.3.tar.gz
>> -URL-$(BELARUSIAN_FILE)= http://www.mova.org/bellinux/$(BELARUSIAN_FILE)
>> -SHA-$(BELARUSIAN_FILE)= c0026a915fff58cdc3b68bb57de4eec35a220c43
>> -
>> -THAI_FILE= thai-console-data_cvs20051001.tar.bz2
>> -URL-$(THAI_FILE)= http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~alexander/$(THAI_FILE)
>> -SHA-$(THAI_FILE)= 2d5e8f4d6cf488987600d455078fe8f5d4199217
> Adjust the console configurator.


>> -# The non-wide library is for commercial software only => not for the Live CD
> This comment should stay - the non-wide is optional in the book, so the 
> LiveCD decision should be documented.

I see.

>> +	#cp -v etc/udev/rules.d/[0-9]* /etc/udev/rules.d/
>> +	#sed -i "s/ -M 0640//" $(CONFDIR)/25-lfs.rules
> See http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/ticket/2076

This ticket says the issue was fixed with the update to 

>> +	#install -m755 ../dhcp-helper /lib/udev
>> +	#install -m644 ../76-network.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
> What's the ultimate plan with this? Creating the network config from 
> udev rules is beyond LFS.

OK. I did not have a plan. I realized some of these items were necessary 
to operation of the CD and were allowable due to their being a matter of 
configuration options. Which is why I commented them out instead of 
removing them entirely. I meant to ask you your opinion about their 
compatibility with current udev and with the LFS book itself.

>> +	#echo 'SUBSYSTEM=="pnp", ENV{MODALIAS}!="?*", RUN+="/bin/sh -c '\''while read id; do /sbin/modprobe pnp:d$$$$id; done < /sys$$devpath/id'\''"' >>/etc/udev/rules.d/26-modprobe.rules
> Missing functionality in LFS, it may be a good idea to create a ticket.

Would you mind doing that?



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