LiveCD Future

Thomas Trepl thomas at
Sat Oct 18 03:13:54 PDT 2008


to me, the CD was and still is a very essential part in (B)LFS. since I do 
most of (B)LFS in virtual machines (using VirtualBox on LFS) the only way to 
boot is to use a boot CD. The current boot CD is uptodate enough to build the 
current SVN book and than, BLFS is the rest.

So, the primary usage (for me) of the CD is to have a rock solid and small 
system from which the LFS bootstrap can be started. Having the sources 
included on the CD makes live easier, but surely it becomes quite quickly 

As a result for me the LiveCD is perfect even without X but I love the 
net-setup thing. What I would be interested in is How-To-Make-a-CD. What is 
that initrd stuff and for what is that good for, which options are there to 
come around the read-only-issue of a CD and so on. Those topics would be 
great to cover somehow - bringing the people's (at least mine;-) knowledge to 
the point being able to assemble things together and burn it to a CD which 
than contains all the individual stuff in a individual arragement - just like 
the personal taste.

Let add just one more sentence: Thanks to Alex and all the folks who have 
spent so much efforts to the CD. Now that it is a few days old it is still a 
very essential part of the LFS project at all.


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