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Michael J. McDonald m.mcdonald at
Sat Oct 18 14:15:49 PDT 2008

On Wednesday 15 October 2008 09:40:24 pm Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Alexander and I have been talking and we're trying to take a very 
> realistic approach to any efforts made to re-enliven the LiveCD project.
> Without going into too many details of our own concerns and ideas about 
> the future of the project (yet), I'd appreciate some feedback/opinions 
> concerning the usefulness of the LiveCD.

>...the LiveCD (or at least the main one) will aim to 
> be fairly simple.

Simple is good. I haven't dug into my own LFS project deeply enough to
have very helpful thoughts on particulars, but my interest in a LiveCD
was to bootstrap a "clean" installation onto a system from which all
traces of other opsys's have been bulldozed. Knoppix or some other
bootable CD would likely do for this purpose and would obviate the
need for a specifically LFS bootable cd.

I believe that the information on how to construct one's own bootable cd
is covered in the books (BLFS?).  Might it make sense to break out that
information into a short "bootstrap cd for the impatient" book/article?
It would be in line with the project's edumacational purposes of showing
how to do things for yourself, but it might be  as much trouble to
maintain as the LiveCD itself. Again, simple is good - a plausibly recent
kernel, compiler and minimal utilities to construct a working system that
is capable of completing and updating itself. I would imagine a FreeBSD
style 'ports' mechanism would do the trick for the post bootstrap phase.
My sense of the lists is that there would be support for someone trying
to create a bootable cd from the books.

Bottum line: I lazily hope you keep the LiveCD project going, but suspect
that your efforts are better spent on the books and that I will be better
off long-term working through the particulars of creating my own bootstrap
cd from the books.

Regards and thanks,

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