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Thu Dec 25 14:32:43 PST 2003

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I modified the coreutils-hostname patch to prevent installation of
other programs that are duplicate in a typical LFS build. These are:

hostname (provided by net-tools)
kill     (provided by procps)
uptime   (provided by procps)
groups   (provided by shadow)
su       (provided by shadow)

As far as I am aware, this eliminates all of these duplicate files (or
programs that get built twice (or thrice, even) and then overwritten).

I'm pretty sure that removing the coreutils versions of these programs
is The Right Thing[tm] to do. We remove hostname and kill already,
and the other three get subsequently overwritten during chapter 6. If
any of the replacements was bad, we'd have known it already. I did not
do any serious testing on this issue, though.

If LFS chooses to use this patch, it should obviously replace the
current hostname patch.

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