Incorrect MD5 sums

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed Apr 14 15:53:20 PDT 2004

Adam Richard said the following on 04/14/04 17:01:
> When I went to download the individual packages for Linux From Scratch at: 
> they had a list of MD5 sums for each package.  I downloaded all the packages then
> checked the MD5 sums with the output of the md5sum command.  For some of the patches,
> they were different from some mirrors.  After investigating, I discovered that some
> patches have a comment at the top saying "Submitted by: LFS book"....  Some mirrors
> have patches with this comment and some don't, but they all show the MD5 sum for the
> version that doesn't.  I'm sure the patches still work, but it is misleading to people
> who are checking whether the download worked correctly.

Did you write down the mirrors who's MD5 sums don't match? Please mail 
them to me so I can check them and remove them from the list, if 
necessary. It's probably a mirror which hasn't been updated lately.

Hopefully this accelerates the implementation of a round-robin DNS system...

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