cracklib patches

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Apr 20 23:38:07 PDT 2004

DJ Lucas wrote:

Iggy these for now...not sure about password/pwd change in bsd for krb5 
patch.  Testing, but furthur tomorrow when I get around to actually 
configuring and using (and rebuilding) heimdal.

> krb5 (heimdal) patch fixed for cracklib, mentioned in recent blfs-dev 
> thread, and also new files created for cracklib from Ted Riley
> shadow+pam+cracklib hint made into a patch for inclusion into BLFS book.
> I'm guessing Ted is no longer around, as hint was last updated 
> 2002-06-10.  Anyways, credited him with the headers patch.

Iggy this one too as it's already there.  Didn't realize Jim had already 
submitted this patch (two patchs: header-1 and missing-1) plus the bonus 
gentoo Makefile patch for install (tho it has to change for using the 
wordlists I suggested (sed works tho)

Sorry bout that.

-- DJ Lucas

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