OpenOffice: wrong translations in .desktop files

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sun Apr 25 01:15:05 PDT 2004


some translations in OpenOffice .desktop files are wrong. E.g., instead
of the Russian translation of "Printer Setup" ("Настройка принтера") I
see a presumably German one ("Drucker Verwaltung"). There are several
more such places, and German translations leaked to some languages other
than Russian.

So I considered all translations identical to the German one as
suspicious and removed them (see the attached patch).

Of course, I could delete some perfectly valid translations because e.g.
"Dokument" means "document" not only in German.

So I ask all non-English people here to review this patch and possibly
correct it before it gets commited to CVS. Do not commit this
uncorrected and completely untested patch without my permission! I don't
know if this patch breaks compilation!

P.S. I know that in Russian one should put the program name after the
document type, e.g.

Текстовый документ 1.1.1

and not 1.1.1 Текстовый документ

I did not fix that error.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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