Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Apr 26 14:38:01 PDT 2004

ligbgnomeprintui-2.6 fails to build because the code tries to manipulate
a non-existent field.  There is a suggestion on the garnome list to try
commenting out where the field is set, see


 This seems to work fine, but I can't say for certain - I only build
libgnomeprintui for gnumeric, and gnumeric isn't working for me (and no,
it's nothing to do with file dialogs!).

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Submitted by: Ken Moffat <ken at>
Date: 2004-04-26
Initial Package Version: 2.6.1
Upstream Status: Not submitted. 
Origin: As described on the garnome list.
Description: A recently added callback fails to build. Patch as
suggested in

--- libgnomeui-2.6.1/file-chooser/gtkfilesystemgnomevfs.c~	2004-04-26 17:02:28.730919503 +0100
+++ libgnomeui-2.6.1/file-chooser/gtkfilesystemgnomevfs.c	2004-04-26 17:03:28.439831855 +0100
@@ -1762,7 +1762,7 @@
   iface->get_info = gtk_file_folder_gnome_vfs_get_info;
   iface->list_children = gtk_file_folder_gnome_vfs_list_children;
-  iface->is_finished_loading = gtk_file_folder_gnome_vfs_is_finished_loading;
+  /* iface->is_finished_loading = gtk_file_folder_gnome_vfs_is_finished_loading; */
 static void

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