Heimdal/Cracklib Patch

Randy McMurchy LFS-User at mcmurchy.com
Wed Apr 28 13:42:50 PDT 2004


I'd like to submit this patch for integration with the recently created 
heimdal-0.6.1 package. I've already sent the patch and the following 
instructions to Igor so he could get a head start on testing it.

The patch requires installation via:

patch -Np1 -i ../heimdal-0.6.1-cracklib-1.patch

and additionally the /usr/include/crack.h file needs updating via:

echo '#define DICTPATH "/lib/cracklib_dict"' >>/usr/include/crack.h

I would have included the modification to the crack.h file via the patch, 
but I cannot stay within the -Np1 guidelines.

The change to /usr/include/crack.h does not affect its use with the 
shadow/PAM package. It simply provides a DICTPATH declaration.

If we can modify the existing cracklib patch to incorporate this change, 
this would be a good thing. :-)

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