Field "Upstream Status" in patch headers

Jim Gifford lfs at
Tue Aug 17 12:02:12 PDT 2004

Nico R. wrote:

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>Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>Stifling the submission of patches simply because they
>>aren't/can't/won't be submitted upstream serves no good purpose.
>If a patch has not yet been submitted by the original poster, the LFS
>Patches project could/should submit it.
>"Do not submit any patches to the patches project which have not yet
>been submitted upstream. If you do nevertheless, and your patch is not
>marked as 'Do not submit', it will be submitted upstream without asking
>(something similar to this)
>a) Lazy users won't submit their patches, so there is a higher burden
>for our people at the patches project.
>b) Many people will mark their patches as "Do not submit" without a good
>Do you think there is a gain in having a status "Unable to submit" or
>"Cannot submit" or similar? This would be used in case the maintainers
>can't be reached, because all known email addresses bounce permanently
>or because the package is orphaned. For patches with that status, one
>might want to retry after a few months; perhaps someone had taken over
>the project in the meantime.
>By the way, is it the "Patches Project" or the "patches project"? Or
>"The LFS Patches Project"???
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That's the problem with people's thinking, they expect Tush and I submit 
these patches upstream, if you can submit the patch here, you can easily 
do it on a bug report or the developers mailling list.

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