2 identical patches with diff. names

Daniel Baumann linuxfromscratch-mailinglists at panthera-systems.net
Tue Aug 24 14:00:31 PDT 2004

Archaic wrote:
> WindowMaker-0.80.2-clip_captions-1.patch
> WindowMaker-0.80.2-preference_directory-2.patch
> WindowMaker-0.80.2-map_menu-1.patch
> WindowMaker-0.80.2-wmsetbg_workspace_number-1.patch
> WindowMaker-0.80.2-newbuttons-1.patch
<nitpick>and btw, if we are talking about window maker... its name is 
'Window Maker', not WindowMaker. Why not naming the patches directory 
and files the correct way 'Window-Maker' (as it is done by the other 
directories with two-word compositions)?</nitpick>

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