Proposed Changes to Patches Repository

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Dec 8 20:26:19 PST 2004

Hi everyone.

Since Tushar has been busy, I have assumed control of the patches 
project with his blessing. Tushar will still be assisting as time 
permits. I would like to publicaly thank him for his support.

 I have plans for the patches project that will effect everyone. I would 
like your feedback on the proposed changes to the patches repository.

1 - SVN Structure
    Implement a structure that is easier to navigate and secure for all 
    control of their own patches.
              Visual of proposed structure
                   trunk --> lfs {LFS Related Patches} Responsible Party 
LFS Editors
                   blfs {BLFS Related Patches} Responsible Party BLFS 
                   hlfs {HLFS Related Patches} Responsible Party HLFS 
                   hints {Hints Related Patches} Responsible Party Patch 
and Hints Maintainers
                   other {Patches not in above categories} Responsible 
Party Patch Maintainers
       Under this SVN Change, the xLFS maintainers, would control their 
patches, and
       would be responsible for making sure they meat the patches 
projects guidelines
       which would be set by Patch Maintainers, Matt, Bruce, and Robert.
       This would also mean the elimination of private patches archives, 
since you would
        have full control over the patches for your own books. As the 
patches maintainer
        I would enforce header policies only over the LFS, BLFS, and 
HLFS patches, everything
        else would be under the xLFS leaders control.
        Hints and other patches, would fall under my control.

2 - Online Structure
       The additional of HLFS and hints patches. To the website menu. 
*-Minor Issue

3 - Adding Identifier for Architecture into the Patches Header, since we 
are starting to
     see a lot of patches for different architectures, we should specify 
the architecture in
     the header somewhere, someone said it was there, this may be a mute 

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