And the rest of the patches....

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Dec 12 19:22:26 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 20:49 -0600, DJ Lucas wrote:
> And the rest of the 1.1.3 patches...

Well it would be the rest of them.  The patch for gcc-3.4.2 exceeds the
50K limit even bzipped.  

feeaaaf0cddaaa3601b58302a28942d6  openoffice-1.1.3-STLport-4.6.2-1.patch
4deb3f4dd76488397eb2b01e66fe40a3  openoffice-1.1.3-freetype-1.patch
c3cfc5cef4c78527ef10d9a2df5b12da  openoffice-1.1.3-gcc342-fixes-1.patch
8d763b16e4282412abe258b78c432719  openoffice-1.1.3-java_fixes-1.patch
159d33de206337ab387b48295539a343  openoffice-1.1.3-nptl-1.patch
1027ca23957b948212d95c93e32aa9f9  openoffice-1.1.3-test_bin_loc-1.patch

The above patches will be temporarily located at

Also, if building without Linux_Pam, you'll need the 1.1.2-no-pam patch
I believe.  I've not tested that however.  If it doesn't work, then
gentoo has a 1.1.3 specific one.  See the openoffice-1.1.3-r1.ebuild for
more info on that.

-- DJ Lucas

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