openoffice-1.1.3 patches for gcc-3.3.3

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Dec 19 10:26:01 PST 2004

Also need to link bin-loc and java-fixes patches as they apply cleanly
to the new version.  I'll submit the new no-PAM patch if nobody gets to
it before me, have to rip out PAM to test it. IIRC, somebody mentioned a
reference to that needed to be changed to so.0 in the
original.  Anyway, .

5248e3f47df54c3c9f5aff3154f2da20  openoffice-1.1.3-freetype-1.patch
a538ca8581f83286fcf4f08a94dd45d9  openoffice-1.1.3-gcc333-1.patch
a9c1769e91016a1fe131eda0573ae0a2  openoffice-1.1.3-nptl-1.patch


-- DJ Lucas

PS  To build this way, gcc will need a linkonce patch and you'll have to
'ln -sf /opt/gcc-3.3.3/include/c++/3.3.3 /usr/g++-v3' for STLport.

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