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Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue Dec 21 22:22:52 PST 2004

Ryan.Oliver at wrote:

> Ditto. A stable branch IMHO is a godsend for us.
> Will be far less trauma in the long run than the previous arrangement.
> A maintained stable branch as opposed to the free for all where we
> had to constantly track three mailing lists to pick a point in time
> between fixage and breakage with the commits.

Unfortunately that's only glibc. Another not-so-stable package is the
kernel. Look, we don't have even such "mandatory" fixes as for infinite
loop in kswapd and for the network DoS bug. Also we still don't have the
errata page for LFS 6.0.

The cd recording related patch for linux- (for the errata page) is
attached because it is not available in full otherwise. Other fixes can be
obtained from Gentoo (google for genpatches-2.6-9.10-base.tar.bz2).

Also it looks like it's a bad idea to force any particular kernel version -
it might be better to tell the reader to find a kernel that works for him,
starting with patched 2.6.9.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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