New patches finally.

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun May 2 22:05:15 PDT 2004

Attached patches are now well tested on several machines.
Heimdal changes to cracklib backed out completely in favor of a separate 
cracklib_krb5 library (which coincidently was much easier to deal with 
from what I understand).

Changes needed:

cracklib-2.7-blfs-3.patch can be removed.
Linux_PAM-0.77-linkage-2.patch can be removed.
Linux_PAM-0.77-linkage-1.patch must be put back as it is referenced by 
the stable BLFS book.  (included it also JIC cvs commands are more 
difficult than a resubmit)

New patches:

cracklib-2.7-blfs-1.patch (needs BLFS link)   This is Jim's original 
patch with only a textual change, and replaced 8sp with a tab (broke a 
makefile).  Since it was never submitted in this form, I saw no reason 
to change the rev number.

Linux_PAM-0.77-linkage-3.patch (needs BLFS link)   -1 must be kept 
around as this one (-3) requires a run of autoconf, but -2 although it'd 
work should go.

cracklib-2.7-heimdal-1.patch (needs BLFS link)   Adds a new library to 
cracklib (cracklib_krb5) specifically for heimdal, but may be used by 
others later.

heimdal-0.61-cracklib-1.patch (does _not_ need BLFS link) Name says it 
all, but links against our new cracklib_krb5 library.

-- DJ Lucas
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