libgda patch

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Sep 6 19:35:07 PDT 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Here's a patch for libgda (Gnu Data Access). It corrects some
> GCC-3.4.x related build issues. It appears each backend could
> have some issues. I linked 4 backends in my build and 3 of the
> 4 crapped out. This patch fixes build errors for the mysql, xml
> and ldap backends. The postgresql backend did not error out.
> The patch also fixes a build error that's non-backend related.

I didn't do the investigation I should have before I installed
the versions of libgda and libgnomedb I did. As I was preparing
the dependencies for Gnumeric, I discovered that the Gnome folks
threw a curve ball and use 1.1.x as *stable* versions for
libgda and libgnomedb.

Forget about the patches I sent in earlier for the 1.0.x versions.
The newer versions (supposedly stable) don't need to be patched.


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