r936 - trunk/openoffice

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Apr 28 22:31:31 PDT 2005

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    * Subject: r936 - trunk/openoffice
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[dj at name1 openoffice]# svn ci -m "Added BLFS OpenOffice patches"
Adding         openoffice/OOo_1.1.4-STLport_4.6.2-1.patch
Adding         openoffice/OOo_1.1.4-doublefree-1.patch
Adding         openoffice/OOo_1.1.4-gcc_3.4.2+_fixes-2.patch
Adding         openoffice/OOo_1.1.4-jdk_1.5.0_fix-1.patch
Transmitting file data ....
Committed revision 936.
[dj at name1 openoffice]#

-- DJ Lucas

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