"Date" header should be fixed in some patches

Nico R. n-roeser at gmx.net
Sun Dec 11 07:40:36 PST 2005


the following patches have a nonstandard value in the "Date" header
field, which could lead to problems with automated processing:
   * binutils-
   * gcc-3.4.4-posix-1.patch
   * gcc-4.0.0-specs-1.patch
   * gcc-4.0.1-pure64_specs-1.patch
   * gcc-4.0.1-specs-1.patch
   * grub-0.97-pure64-1.patch
   * linux-
   * thunderbird-1.0.6-gcc4-2.patch

courier-0.45.4-cacheowner-1.patch has CRLF line endings, please convert
to LF if this didn't happen on purpose.

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