You decide!

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Mar 26 07:39:57 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Though during my testing yesterday of the GCC-3.4.1 versus GCC-3.4.3
> patches, I couldn't really see any difference in at least one of the
> patches, though new ones were created. Not sure what to think about the
> "policy".

AFAIK we will "create" new patches for new versions of a package by 
simply copying the old patch to a new file with just the packageVersion 
portion of the filename changed.  If this is not what has happened with 
some of the patches in the LFS repository then I don't know what to say 
really, aside from "sorry, I didn't review closely enough".  If you 
could point me to a categorical example of a patch that appears to be 
just a rediff (and such a rediff wasn't required to workaround a failed 
hunk) I'd appreciate it.



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