FW: popt to work in separate build directory, and a little extra cleaning up

Bernard Leak thisisnotapipe at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 3 08:48:23 PDT 2006

Dear List,
              here are a few minor repairs to popt-1.10.4.

The main task has been making it work with builddir different from srcdir.

The Doxyfile generated from Doxyfile.in is out-of-date, and should be
updated for the current versions of Doxygen.  The easy way is to generate it
first and invoking
doxygen -u
before invoking

Unfortunately, doxygen -u rewrites the whitespace and the original  patch
won't work both before and after invoking it.  On the other hand, apart from
that, the order of updating and generating Doxygen from Doxygen.in
is irrelevant, so it makes sense to apply the patch to Doxygen.in and not
to Doxygen directly.

I attach some variant possible patches, depending on how you want to
do it:
       a minimal patch to the existing Doxyfile.in
       (recent versions of Doxygen will need to run doxygen -u to
      update it)
       to patch Doxyfile.in after updating it with Doxygen 1.4.6 (my
       current version)
      to patch from the existing Doxyfile.in to the new patched and
      updated version
     This is a bit of a hack, really, but it gets there in one go.

All these can be found (bzipped) in

Thus, the following should be equivalent, using doxygen-1.4.6:
(1)  patch -Nu -d. -p1 -i ../popt-1.10.4-doxyfile_1-1.patch
        doxygen -u

(2) doxygen -u  #(on or around doxygen-1.4.6)
       patch -Nu -d. -p1 -i ../popt-1.10.4-doxyfile_2-1.patch

(3) patch -Nu -d. -p1 -i ../popt-1.10.4-doxyfile_3-1.patch

though (1) is the smallest patch (and the most future-proof),
        (3) might be thought more convenient.

These have not been submitted; the maintainer used to be Big  Important
Erik W. Troan at Red Hat, but he isn't there any more.  I've sent  him
a message asking him to tell me who (if anyone) should be receiving
patches, but not received a reply yet.

Installing from the 'po' subdirectory fails because @top_builddir@
was used in places
where @top_srcdir@ was wanted.  I've patched that too.

I've patched the test script, and set up the test environment
to supply the source directory.  The script now runs all the tests
rather than stopping at the first failure.

Finally, I've also added AC_GNU_SOURCE to configure.ac to make the
autotools complain less.

                                  Yours sincerely,
                                                             Bernard Leak.

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