inetutils 1.5 on x86_64

Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) teddy at
Sat Apr 28 03:51:44 PDT 2007

It seems, that it is not a general x86_64 problem, on some machines it 
works. Never the less, it does not work on all machines.

If you compare the patches for inetutils 1.4.2 and 1.5 you will see, 
that there are only minor differences. Some code that was used in 1.4.2 
is exactly the same like in 1.5. So I would expect, that if you install 
1.4.2 on the same machine you would not have the problem (but I did 
not/can't test).

Since for me the patch does his work fine...
Just wanted to share the work.


Jürg Billeter wrote:
> On Fre, 2007-04-27 at 17:36 +0200, Dominik Mahrer (Teddy) wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I have rewritten the patch for inetutils 1.5 that assignes a problem 
>> only on x86_64 machines:
> At least telnet seems to work perfectly fine here on x86_64 without this
> patch. inetutils 1.4.2 was buggy in that regard but I can't see a
> problem with 1.5.
> Jürg

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