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Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Sep 6 19:58:36 PDT 2004

On Mon, September 6, 2004 7:29 pm, mirror-maintainer at said:
> On Mon, 6 Sep 2004, Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> > We now have an official package mirror again
>> > ( Are the arrangements with this site such
>> > that I can point the ALFS profile's "wget script" at this site for all
>> > packages, or should we continue to try to pull the packages from their
>> > nominal "official" locations?
>> > If the LFS official package mirror can bear this load, then managing
>> > the wget scripts gets much easier :-)
>> The packages mirror is RR-DNS'd, currently between 2 servers, but will
>> add more as information is provided to me about additional servers.  I'd
>> *think* they should be able to handle the load without difficulty - both
>> have pretty fat pipes.
>> I'm cross-posting this to LFS-Admin - Justin, Tim, in your opinion, can
>> you guys bear this load?
> $ dnsip
> is mine, and is located in Singapore, Asia.  I've no
> problems on the bandwidth front for now, but I *may* have to switch
> providers in future.  If that happens, my international bandwidth will
> likely be cut drastically, and I may have to stop offering mirror services
> to the international public.
> $ dnsname
> I'm not sure if I've gotten confused with another mirror host, possibly
> for something non-LFS related.  But I seem to recall someone mentioning
> that he is on a dedicated server with XXX GB of traffic.  Hosteurope seems
> to offer 1.5 TB of traffic with their dedicated servers, so it could be
> the other ftp mirror.  If he has metered traffic, I'm sure he'll be
> concerned about how much additional traffic this move will cause.

This one is, which is Justin's ftp mirror.

> We're both syncing from a primary repository kindly offered by osuosl, but
> this is a dedicated rsync machine for other mirrors to sync from, and is
> not used to serve the public.
> 1.  The upshot is that I'd love to help, especially if it makes things
> easier for users.  However, the FTP RR infrastructure is a little thin
> right now, with only two servers.  Perhaps OSUOSL may be interested in
> offering LFS packages via their usual as well?  Or maybe
> ask ibiblio? has a /pub/lfs directory on it, but that appears to be our
web site, not the packages.

> 2.  I don't expect this to be an issue, but it's good to have an idea.  Is
> there any indication how much disk space the ALFS packages consume,
> and how traffic they use in aggregate?

It's really hard to tell, honestly.  A lot of the LFS "regulars" keep
their own archives of packages locally (I know I do), and others will
always prefer to get them directly from the official repositories (I
always hated this).

If the first IP is yours, the second is Justin's, I know we're missing
Tim's FTP server at the very least from RR-DNS.  I'm going to go back into
the lfs-admin archives, see if I can find out what it is, and get it added


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