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Nico R. n-roeser at gmx.net
Mon Sep 13 03:10:43 PDT 2004

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Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Nico R. said the following on 10-09-2004 14:38:
>> The markup for the layout selection in the web pages should be
>> created by a client-side script. This makes sure that it does not
>> appear if client-side scripting is disabled. If this is wanted, a
>> noscript element can be added to present alternative content (like a
>> message that layout selection is not available without client-side
>> scripting, but IMHO such messages are ugly).
> You're totally right, of course. Even better would be a server-side
> script which changes the default stylesheet, so even users who don't
> enable client-side scripting would be able to change the layout.
> Unfortunately, my scripting is really bad (so bad that I can only hack
> other scripts).

My scripting abilities are very limited, too, and I usually do not use
client-side scripting at all, because I kind of hate it... ;-) But I
could try to create a client-side solution, and am willing to spend a
few spare minutes on it. Do you like me to give it a try?

> Do you have any suggestions? Note that it should work with the
> TWiki-based website. Also, for server-side scripts, we can only really
> guarantee Perl, since not all mirrors will enable all options for the
> website.

Hrm, I don't know much about Perl or TWiki, so I can't comment on how it
will fit in there. Sorry.
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