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Tue Sep 14 13:52:34 PDT 2004

El Mar 14 Sep 2004 21:41 Nico R. escrbió:

>> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content=
>>     "text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
> Uh, that's not good. This should be changed, IMHO, as it's our aim to do
> The Right Thing(tm), and to do it well. ;-)

That can be changed or dropped, after be sure that the pages follow all the 
application/xhtml+xml guidelines.

>> There is no XML declaration, due an old issue with some mirrors that
>> try to parse the files with PHP when that declaration is added.
> Those mirrors should be fixed, too. Have their admins been notified
> about this problem?

I don't know. The XML declaration can be readded, but no pages at the website 
has that declaration.

>> And we are no using the XML stylesheet PI.

Someone know what is this? How is used? Is this compatible with no 
application/xhtml+xml compilant browsers?
>> Them, our books pages aren't proper application/xhtml+xml.
> Yes, they are. :-) But they might be HTML-compatible as well at the
> moment.

Not proper application/xhtml+xml until do this:

"When serving an XHTML document with this media type, authors SHOULD 
include the XML stylesheet processing instruction [XMLstyle] to associate style 

And about HTML-compatibility:

"the use of 'text/html' SHOULD be limited to HTML-compatible XHTML 1.0 

> Quote from <URL:>:

>From the same page:

"However, this document is not intended to be a normative specification."

"However, as [RFC2854] says, [XHTML1] defines a profile of use of XHTML 
which is compatible with HTML 4.01 and which may also be labeled as text/html."

Well, that Recomendation can be interpreted in several ways ;-)

In resumen, we have two diferents, but maybe related, problems. The 
application/xhtml+xml one, and the extra blank line one.

We can try to drop now the content="text/html; and readd the XML declaration in 
the unstable branch to see what happend after the next render of the book, 
keeping holded the XML stylesheet PI issue until investigate it.

For the extra blank line, well, the tidy hack is all for you ;-)

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